Programs of my solo recital are consisted of pieces written in different periods – baroque, classical, romantic and modern.
Performing larger musical forms, such as sonata and concerto, has always inspired my musical imagination and it is an essential part of all of my programs.
Also, having a special interest in contemporary music and new compositional contexts, I commission and often give first performances of the new works for guitar.

In the concert season 2017/18 I will be performing two different solo programs, the first named “AUBURN” is based exclusively on contemporary music and includes music by S. Reich, T. Takemitsu, A. Ourkouzounov, A. Kampela N. Chatzoupoulou and M. van der Aa, and the second “La guitarra Española” containing only Spanish guitar music written by F. Tárrega, I. Albéniz, M. De Falla, V. Asencio and F. Sor.

The “AUBURN” project presents some of the most important contemporary works for classical and electric guitar written in the last couple of decades.
The program includes contrasting musical styles that range from Minimalism of Steve Reich until New Complexity of Arthur Kampela and brings out the new possibilities of the instrument by the usage of extended techniques and electronics.
Most of the works from the presented program are recorded on Mislav Režić’s solo album “AUBURN” that was released in January 2017 for the Greek label DNA and is available in on-line distribution worldwide.

The idea that initiated this project was an attempt to enrich the contemporary guitar repertoire by collaborating with, and commissioning new pieces from prominent composers that are written using the new compositional techniques. The enthusiasm for this project was shared with two Greek composers of younger generation, who contributed with their pieces: Continuum no. 3 by Nikoleta Chatzopoulou written in 2016 and dedicated to Mislav Režić and a new work by Michalis Paraskakis that is about to be premiered in 2018.

The program lasts around 70 minutes and it is performed with an intermission