Duet with Antigoni Tsalla, classical & romantic flute

From the 2nd half of 18th century and onwards, the form of both flute and guitar went through several changes. For the flute there was gradual addition of keys and differentiation in the diameter of the tube and the holes, which brought the tuning closer to the equal temperament and strengthened the tone. For the guitar double courses became single strings, with the addition of the low E string, and size and shape differences took place in the body and the neck of the instrument that also affected the sound’s volume and color.
During the same period, the popularity of both instruments increased, especially in the German- speaking regions, and the first original compositions for flute and guitar appeared. Together with original compositions, due to lack of sufficient amount of compositions, appeared several 19th century transcriptions of pieces originally written for fortepiano or opera arias that were popular at that time.
Our program is performed on copies of instruments that were made between 1820 and 1830, the time that the compositions from our program were written.